YES: Guns in Virginia State Forests

Received via email by VCDL Alert

By Phillip Van Cleave

The comment period has begun for allowing BOTH open carry and concealed carry in STATE FORESTS (right now neither is allowed).

As you might recall, the ban on carry in state forests caught us by surprise a few years ago and we have been working to get this fixed ever since.  The first attempt (under Governor Kaine) was more modest, only allowing for concealed carry with a CHP.  When VCDL and its members commented on the proposal, however, we also asked for open carry in state forests.  Nothing happened by the time that Kaine left office.

With the election of Governor Bob McDonnell, VCDL Leadership approached the Governor’s office and asked that both open and concealed carry be allowed in state forests.  The slow wheels of government started turning on a new regulation which allowed both modes of carry.

Here is a link to the new proposed wording change:

The end of the road is in sight, but we need to flood the comments one last time to get the job done. We have until March 16th to comment and then we wait for the new regulation to become law, hopefully not too much later.

To comment click here (currently only 5 comments have been sent):

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Suggested subject:

I SUPPORT the proposed amendment to 4VAC10-30-170!

Suggested comment:

Please enact the proposed amendment to 4VAC10-30-170, which allows for the otherwise lawful carry of firearms and ammunition in state forests!  This amendment brings state forests into alignment with state parks, national parks, and national forests.

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