Virginia’s New Tea Party PAC

No more “the lesser of two evils”. It’s time for a real change.

In 2010, the tea party movement often had to work for candidates that frankly, “were the lesser of two evils”. We know that many tea party and liberty minded conservatives had to plug their nose one more time on Election Day in order to defeat the extremist Obama agenda.

Never again.

Right after the historic 2010 mid-term elections, the Virginia Tea Party Alliance was launched to recruit and develop an entirely new field of candidates from every corner of Virginia. We will field candidates who are more loyal to the principles of liberty and the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions than to a political party hierarchy. We want to help genuinely conservative candidates avoid the campaign pitfalls that have cost our movement elections, and put the future of our nation at risk.

Right now, we are in the middle of our first fundraising drive to raise $10,000 by December 31.  This money will go to the startup costs, filing fees, developing promotional materials, and training.  By the end of January, we will have driven over 2,300 miles in Virginia evaluating candidates, and meeting with grassroots leaders.

The Virginia Tea Party Alliance will be a third force in state and national politics, not a third party. We’re no longer interested in running candidates to send a message.  Our Commonwealth and our country need principled candidates to WIN.

Unlike the most political groups, VATPA is a genuine grassroots organization- not astroturf (sorry, Nancy Pelosi). We’re not funded by some billionaire, or a group of political cronies manipulating the system for themselves. But in order to compete politically against well-funded establishment candidates and their political machines, we need to be able to have the funds to get the job done right.

There are three ways that you can help.

1) Donate

– We need 5 people who can donate $1,000

– We need 10 people who can donate $500

– We need 25 people who can donate $100

2) Promote

Help spread the word- on Facebook, Twitter, with your friends.  Can you host a meeting for the VA Tea Party Alliance in your home, local tea party or other civic group? Send an email to: [email protected]

3) Engage-

Do you know of someone looking to get involved in electoral process?  Run for office? Support a candidate? Help us with research? Coordinate volunteers? Send us an email!

I know that you’ve probably gotten lots of year-end appeals for worthy causes. Maybe you feel a bit jaded by various political groups claiming to speak for the tea party, but are really just using the movement to line their pockets.

We just can’t do this for free anymore. As tea party groups took on the political establishment in 2010 we were often “out gunned” by big money political machines. The victories we did win were accomplished by thousands of man hours, and lots of small donations. We showed that we were willing to fight for the founding values of our nation. Many of us sacrificed our incomes, our family time and our free time to do it.

In order for us to continue and to really make our liberty secure, we need to “step up our game”.  And that means the money to successfully launch liberty minded candidates, and the infrastructure to support them.

Already our presence is sending shock waves through the political world in Virginia.  We were featured in a front page story in the Washington Post and the Richmond Times Dispatch.  Mary Margaret Whipple a Democrat in the Virginia State Senate, used the Virginia Tea Party Alliance as an excuse to generate funds to “restore sanity” in state government.  That’s pretty impressive for a brand new organization!

Can you help?

The major political parties have failed to develop the principled leadership that our nation needs.  Here in Virginia we can change that.

Please send in your donation for $1,000, $500, $100, or even $50.

You can donate at our site: or by sending a check.

Please contact us and schedule a meeting for your group or organization.

The Virginia Tea Party Alliance represents a new era in politics.  We are going to see things in the next two election cycles that defy the conventional wisdom of the past.  You are an integral part of that future. Your support of the Virginia Tea Party Alliance will help to reassert the rightful role of “We the People” in the governance of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Thank you for your support.

In Victory or Death (the password in George Washington’s army)

Karen Miner Hurd

Executive Director

Virginia Tea Party Alliance

P.S. Your donation will help us to defeat big government RINOS and Democrats and support good candidates that are often ignored by the political establishement.

Donate today! – THX!


Remember – donations to the Virginia Tea Party Alliance are not tax deductible. The Virginia Tea Party Alliance is incorporated in the State of Virginia as the Tea Party Alliance, Inc.

To donate by check-

Make check payable to: Virginia Tea Party AllianceC/O 1725 Glassy Lake Dr.Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Please include your full name and occupation (required  by law).

To donate online:

The Virginia Tea Party Alliance uses PayPal, a secure third party service.

Please include your occupation in the comments section of the Pay Pal form.

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