Victory Is Sweet Tea

All across the nation, in most places, people are happy. I say people referring to conservatives. I don’t give any Marxists that title because I think anyone that wants to enslave you isn’t human.

With the exception of California and a few other areas, Americans are happy because WE THE PEOPLE have risen up and taken out the political trash.

In Virginia we may have once again gone Red State, but there is still lots of trash to take out and this fight is far from over.

The Tea Party can take a large part of the credit for the Victory nationally and locally. Victory is Sweet Tea! In Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District, We united behind Robert Hurt and he won. We knocked on over 2000 doors and in those counties had a great turnout for him. I’ve often said that if you Don’t Take Campbell and Bedford Counties you can’t win. Well, we did and he won.

It is time, once and for all to send the establishment (the GOP and the RPV) a message. “We may have been political novices when this mess was handed to us. Not anymore. We may have needed you, but as it turns out you needed us more, and now we know it. “

We want a seat at the table and now in many areas we are at the head of the table. If you are in Virginia’s fifth Congressional district we ARE the GOP and we invite anyone that was treated poorly in the past to come back. Months back we succeeded in taking back the Republican Units throughout the fifth. We welcome you to join us.

The RPV and Establishment GOP is on notice. Either sit down and eat with us or don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

We are tired of the lip service that is paid to “supporting the Republican candidate” which is nothing but code for “support OUR Republican candidate” as evidenced nationally In Delaware and Alaska and more recently here in Campbell County. [more on that in another post]


Some say I am to harsh. Too abrasive. Maybe. Though nobody can doubt my motives or my transparency. I supported the candidates. Including Candidates they wouldn’t support. I refuse to play softball with a bunch of people that are more concerned with their kingdom than with keeping the nation from going over the edge.

On the morning of November 3rd the GOP should have awakened to a new reality. To reach across the aisle is NOT the answer, unless it is to deliver a devastating political knock out punch. For far too long the establishment GOP has attempted to dance with the “devil” to the tune played by the democrats. The GOP has made every effort to “get along” with “evil” itself. The Obama administration, the democrats, and the band of collaborator republicans have attempted to make “evil” appear to be “good” and with this deception drain individuals of their God-given freedom’s and liberties. To shackle our children, grand-children, and innocent future generations with this level of insatiable debt is nothing short of diabolical. There can be no compromise with this evil. Those who surfed to electoral victory on the Tea Party tidal wave MUST understand they are NOT allowed to compromise on the core principles they proclaimed to have during their campaigns. ENOUGH ALREADY! As new congressional representatives will be shortly taking office I have a suggestion. We do not, as Obama has said, need to “compromise” because “compromise” is what has gotten us into this mess. No, gridlock is not a bad thing! You were NOT sent to Washington, DC, with a mandate to do anything other than SAVE THIS REPUBLIC, which salvation will not come by compromising with evil. It will only come by conquering it.

The statement that the American people sent to D.C. was not an us vs them, Dem vs Rep message. It was about issues. About Liberty.

The Tea Party is here to stay. We will be running many citizen legislators from here on out and we expect the help of the GOP. We have a strong message. It is the same one you have been shoving down our throats for far to long. “DO NOT CROSS US!”

Kurt Feigel

Kurt Feigel is a website designer and Tea Party Leader in Lynchburg,VA. Currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Lynchburg Tea Party.

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