VA Constitutional Amendments

Shame on the editor [of the news and advance] for not having due diligence in bringing forth these amendments until the last minute so people won’t have an opportunity to think about the ramifications of the amendments.

# 3 Amendment – What are the ramifications of an increase to 15% for a rainy day revenue-stabilization fund ?

The other two amendments are nothing more than legislative “feel good” amendments.

# 1 Amendment would let cities and counties exempt low-income senior citizens and people with disabilities from real estate taxes. – PEOPLE THINK – most likely the low-income seniors are not paying much in real estate taxes to start with and all the disabled may not be in the low-income bracket and may also have a great deal of property. I am sure there are disabled people with quite a lot of “means.

# 2 Amendment would exempt fully disabled veterans – or their surviving spouses from real estate tax, if the disability or death was service-related. – PEOPLE THINK AGAIN – this is a repeat of the # 1 Amendment. Just because the veteran is disabled does not mean that they are poor. This would exempt any disabled veteran or spouse of a deceased veteran that was service related from having to pay real estate taxes, even if that veteran was named “Bill Gates” or to his spouse Mrs. Bill Gates (I used these names to make a point).

PEOPLE WAKE UP – I am all for helping those who really need help, but It is not right to raise other peoples real estate taxes to make up for the loss of taxes from these Amendments. Everyone that lives in this country should carry their share of responsibility. I do not think it is fair for disabled persons/veterans and veteran’s spouses not to pay their fair share of real estate taxes, if they can well afford to pay their fair share.

B. J. Lilly


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