Un-spinning Perriello’s annual report

What is 85 pages long and so full of spin it can make you dizzy? It is Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello’s recently released 2009 Annual Report. It is a massive tome of self aggrandizement. Here’s the reasonable response on just a few of his claims:

· Perriello claims 27,483 people from the district attended four telephone town hall meetings and 4,742 people attended his 21 town hall meetings in August alone. In looking at his voting record, he might as well have skipped them all. His consistent votes for the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda prove he just doesn’t listen to the people of his conservative district.

· Perriello touts his vote in favor of the so-called stimulus bill last January. However, the bill spends over $800 billion (that we don’t have) to fund just about every left-wing proposal made in the last 40 years. It is so loaded with pork that only 12% of the runaway spending is for things that could plausibly be considered growth stimulus. Not only that, we were told that unemployment would stay below 9% only if the “stimulus” bill was passed. Well, it passed… and unemployment is now in the double-digits.

· Perriello claims his vote for Pelosi’s cap and trade scheme was a vote to “set America on the course to energy independence and combating global climate change.” In fact, it will kill jobs and bruise his constituents’ wallets while being ineffective at reducing global warming.

· Perriello says he voted to nationalize the student loan program because the bill made “significant investments in American education.” He doesn’t’ tell us that it also turns the Department of Education into a lending institution that controls all student loans, requires colleges and universities to submit to a new federal bureaucracy, and provides for more federal intrusion into local school districts.

· Perriello continues to defend his misguided vote for the federal takeover of the nation’s health care. He continues to ignore that it actually increases health costs, contains no real tort reform, coerces citizens into purchasing services they may not want, reduces Medicare funding by half a trillion dollars, and jeopardizes access to care for all Americans.

Tom Perriello’s report is actually quite outrageous. He should have just said that he and his Democrat cronies in Washington have embarked on an unprecedented spending spree that has quadrupled the national debt, mortgaged our children’s financial security, and is setting the government up to intrude even more into every aspect of our lives. Actually, that is quite a set of accomplishments in one year. Thanks, Tom.

Reasonable Response
Edward W. Clark, Jr.
Blue Ridge, Virginia
[email protected]

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