Types of Service Dogs and What They Do

There are several types of service dog: guide dogs, hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, diabetic alert dogs, Seizure alert dogs, Seizure response dogs, Psychiatric service dogs, Autism support dogs, FASD service dogs, Allergy detection dogs. After that, this article will introduce some common dog breeds selected as service dogs including Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, German Shepherd and Doberman.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever, also known as Labrador, is a widely bred in the Western countries, especially in the United States. Like the Golden Retriever, Labrador is very intelligent, so it is quite easy to train this type of dog. Labrador is often trained to support the owner to retrieve the prey during the hunting trip. Besides, the Labrador is considered a loyal friend of every family.

This breed is very gentle and approachable. The dogs of this breed like to stay with the people. With their intelligence, the Labrador is often chosen to be a guide dog that supports the blind or autistic patients.

In many nations around the world, Labradors are trained for sniffing and hunting for lost objects. As a result, they always accomplish all the assigned tasks in an excellent way.

But you should be aware that the living environment affects these dogs a lot. They often desire to have a wide space to run here and there. You also can keep them in your apartment provided that you meet their daily needs of exercising. If Labradors are trapped for a long time, they will become lazy and suffer from a high risk of obesity. It may have a bad effect on their lifespan and ability to exercise in the future.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is also known as a great servant for bird and duck hunters. They are incredibly excellent at scenting. Therefore, they often take part in hunting or tracing trips. Besides, they are chosen to support military units and police to detect drugs, seek for clues, play a match and perform.

One of their outstanding strengths is that they always desire to please the owner, has the ability to learn quickly. The love for mankind make them become dedicated servants for the blind and other handicapped people. This breed is fairly brilliant, obedient, behaves properly and love the owner. These dogs are capable of expressing emotions and controlling their behaviour. In the family, they are considered good friends of children. It can be said that loyalty, trustworthiness and the love for the owner are good qualities of Golden Retrievers. They are excited about outdoor activities and friendly to everyone, even to other dog breeds. For this reason, they are not really good at self-defencing. However, the Golden Retriever is still a good choice for guarding houses. They are almost not annoyed by the noise and the kids. Like other species, they desire for the human care. In addition, they like living with other animals and probably become trusted friends of these animals.

German Shepherd dog

The German Shepherd was originally from Germany in the 1890s. This breed was used for herding cattle and lambs by a German captain named Max von Stephanitz.

The purebred dogs require the balance between personality and nervous system. The calmness, confidence, assertiveness and obedience are must-have qualities of the dogs of this breed.

Regarding the characteristics, they are quite easy-going and good at staying focused; therefore, it is not difficult for human to train them. They are also required to be wiry, courageous, persistent, patient and in high spirit so that they can fit in different purposes such as befriending, guarding, herding cattle and hunting. The purebred dogs own almost all the strengths originating from the world of wild nature.

Doberman dog

This adventurous and loyal partner can be regarded as a talented and obedient student who is ready for new challenges. Doberman dogs are usually sensitive and obedient to the owner’s orders. But sometimes they become stubborn and overbearing. This breed is rather shy with strangers but aggressive towards strange dogs. As usual, a Doberman has the high alert and is excellent at guarding. However, these qualities are only discovered by the people who regard him as a friend.

If you want the Doberman to maintain good health, you must give them the mental and physical training every day. You can allow them to take a walk and wear a loose chain and let it go and run freely in a closed area. Besides, you can together with your Doberman go long-distance jogging. These dogs can live outdoors in a cool climate. However, they will feel much more comfortable if you give them a chance to live in the house together with your family. The Doberman looks like a bodyguard or a companion. About the Doberman’s coat, it does not take you a lot of time and efforts taking care of it.

It takes a lot of time for a common dog to become a service dog. In reality, service dogs are pretty useful in supporting the human, especially the disabled, in the daily life. According to the Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever has been voted the most favorite dog breed during 26 years.