Tom Perriello and the Myth of the modern Democrat

by: Edward W. Clark, Jr.

There’s no denying that leftists are running Congress. Ultra-liberal San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House. Far-left Henry Waxman chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee. Super-liberal Barney Frank is Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Left-wing activist David Obey chairs the Appropriations Committee. Radical leftist John Conyers is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. These “progressives” are among the most powerful politicians in Washington. And they are piling on us a mountain of debt and eroding our freedoms as they enact their radical-left agenda.
Congressman Tom Perriello claims to be a moderate Democrat and an independent voice in Congress. He’s not! He may claim to be pro-life and fiscally conservative, but all he’s really done is empower these leftist Congressional leaders. He votes with them over 90% of the time, including votes for Pelosi’s pork-laden $862 Billion “stimulus” bill, her ‘Cap-And-Trade’ energy tax, and her health care experiment (selling out on abortion in the process).
By empowering Pelosi and her radical cronies, Perriello proves there is no such a thing as a moderate Democrat in Congress. If the people of the Fifth District don’t want to continue fueling Pelosi’s radical agenda, they’ll send Perriello packing this November.

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