The NRCC is having money problems?…Shocker!

The Blog Politico is reporting that the National Republican Congressional Committee is running into problems with money.

In the past three months, only 75 of 177 Republicans — most of whom represent safe districts — transferred money into the committee, netting it $2.1 million. The average donation was just $28,000, with only 11 members donating $50,000 or more during that time period.

This might be because the NRCC continues to hamper efforts by local republicans to have a conservative candidate. We are seeing this in the fifth district…we also have reports of it being done in Colorado. You can see this in every state that the NRCC has it’s dirty hands.  Moderate aka:Liberal candidates are being placed as the “annointed ones” and the true conservatives are being sidelined.

“We have the recruits to get this back, but we don’t know if we have the resources. We need every one of [our members] pulling at the oars right now,” NRCC executive director Guy Harrison told POLITICO.

Hmmmm. Could it be that we don’t want to be on a stormy sea in a leaky boat full of RINO impostors? Maybe if the “establishment”  would stop ignoring the Tea Party patriots across America you’d be flush with cash. Granted most people don’t have any cash right now thanks to 8 years of pretend conservatism under G.W. Bush and 1 year under Obama. However, “I’d give what I could if I believed in the candidate” is what we are hearing all the time.

The NRCC and the GOP can forget about a victory in 2010 if they don’t start pushing real conservative candidates. Bob McDonnell won in Virginia because he was percieved to be a “conservative”. NY23 was almost won by a “conservative” and would have if it were not for the foolishness of old party politics.

It’s time for the NRCC  and the GOP to wake up…The Tea Party is not going away, not any time soon!

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