Roanoke Still Stealing Private Property

We received this from TertiumQuids
The City of Roanoke is still confiscating
citizens’ property for developers,
despite the law forbidding it

Just a few weeks ago, a judge ruled that the City of Roanoke and its redevelopment and housing authority could take the property of a very viable local business and turn it over to another private business, simply to create more tax revenue and the potential for more jobs. The judge did this – and the city took the property – despite a law passed in 2007 forbidding this very type of confiscation.

In another twist, the recipient of the land, Carilion Health System, now says it doesn’t even want the property, and claims it never did! If that’s true, why did Carilion wait until AFTER the court case – after all of the heartache and the hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses to the property owners and the taxpayers – to tell everyone this? E-mails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act between Carilion execs and the city show that the health care giant has actually wanted the land for the last 10 years. Is it simply lying now to save face?

We interview Jay Burkholder, the owner of the property in Roanoke that houses a successful flooring business. We also talk with one of his attorneys, Josh Baker with Waldo & Lyle in Norfolk. The law firm specializes in eminent domain cases and is the only one in Virginia dedicated to representing only property owners.

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