Perriello’s Stimulus – Fail

Over a year ago Congressman Tom Perriello joined the rest of the Democrats in Washington to cast his ill-considered vote for President Obama’s pork-laden $800 billion “stimulus” bill. We were told that such massive spending had to be passed right away to keep unemployment below 8%.

Critics of the bill noted that only 12% of the liberal’s spending spree would actually stimulate economic growth. They argued that a more targeted economic stimulus bill was necessary, not the one Perriello and his Democratic cronies were foisting upon us.

The critics were right. The unemployment rate is now in double digits. Tons of money we don’t have is being wasted on things like a $246 million tax break for Hollywood to buy film and $248 million for furniture at the new Homeland Security headquarters.

Perriello’s stimulus isn’t working. And it won’t. A recent study shows that pumping transportation money into counties doesn’t affect local unemployment rates. But that doesn’t matter to the Democrats. They’re planning even more similar spending.

Every citizen of the Fifth District should tell Perriello two things: First, ask where the jobs are for all the money he’s spent. Second, tell him to stop throwing good money after bad.

Reasonable Response

Edward W. Clark, Jr.

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