Perriello’s Obamacare Vote Ignores The People

First it was the “stimulus bill” that was filled with pork and never delivered as promised. Then it was “cap-and-trade” that will kill jobs and increase energy costs.  Now it is Obamacare that will increase taxes and do nothing to contain costs. On all three major pieces of legislation, Congressman Tom Perriello has arrogantly gone against the will of the people he claims to represent.
In voting for Obamacare, Perriello gave his blessing to backroom deals and blatant vote buying.  He voted for special treatment for Tennessee, Louisiana, Connecticut, and Montana.  He voted for a labyrinth of new taxes and regulations. And he voted for Medicare cuts to the tune of half a trillion dollars to fund new entitlements.

Most importantly, Perriello voted for a bill that usurps our right to choose our own personal health care options, mandates we buy government-approved services, and drowns our children and grandchildren with a tidal wave of national debt.
Poll after poll demonstrated that the people strongly opposed Obamacare. We expressed our objections and anger about it over and over again.  And Perriello repeatedly rebuffed and ignored us. But this November he can’t ignore us when we tell him he’s fired!


As for the special deals for states, Perriello’s own press release on the vote links to  It talks about the Cornhusker Kickback being taken out but all these others put in!

Edward W. Clark, Jr.

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