Perriello wrong on the Constitution

Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello recently revealed a stunning attitude toward the U.S. Constitution. Perriello was asked by a constituent to co-sponsor The Enumerated Powers Act, which simply requires that each bill introduced in Congress include “a concise and definite statement of the constitutional authority” it relies on. It took over seven months for Perriello to respond, which is bad enough. But what’s worse is that he apparently sees no Constitutional limits on congressional power. He wrote, “…the Constitution demands that the Supreme Court, not Congress, determines the constitutionality of law.”

What Perriello doesn’t seem to get is that in January 2009 he took an oath of office swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution. That includes making sure laws are constitutional. But a year later he tells a constituent that Congress doesn’t have to follow the Constitution. He says essentially that Congress can do whatever it wants unless the Supreme Court tells it not to. That should frighten every freedom-loving person.

Perriello doesn’t understand the Constitution limits government power, and that Congress is bound by it. But the people of the Fifth District do. And we will hold Perriello accountable on Election Day for his wrong understanding.

Reasonable Response

Edward W. Clark, Jr

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