Perriello votes NO to DEBT limit increase

In a surprise to the many residents of the fifth district Congressman Tom Perriello voted “nay” to a bill that will increase the nations debt limit to 14.3 TRILLION dollars.

We almost always disagree with Tom Perriello on just about every issue. This is on instance where we agree with him. He’s got to earn that Blue Dog status somehow. If only Webb and Warner would have voted the same. Unfortunately they didn’t seem to mind piling more debt onto the backs of our children for the next 100 years.

Perriello (D-VA) Nay Source

Warner (D-VA), YeaWebb (D-VA), Yea Source

Fox News Blog Reports:

The House of Representatives Thursday voted to raise the debt limit by $1.9 trillion. That vote raises the debt ceiling to $14.3 trillion, a new high for the amount of debt the U.S. has ever carried.

As recently as 2001, the U.S. debt was only at $5.7 trillion. But exploded throughout the past decade after September 11 amid record spending by the Bush and Obama Administrations.

If Congress doesn’t hike the debt ceiling, the U.S. would be unable make good on Social Security and Medicare payments.

The Senate approved the debt limit increase in mid-January on a 60-40 party-line vote.

The House vote was a close one, 217-212. All Republicans and more than 30 Democrats voted against raising the debt ceiling.

Moderate and fiscally-conscious Democrats were suspect of voting to hike the debt.

If only we had more statesmen in the halls of congress.

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