YES: Guns in Virginia State Forests

Received via email by VCDL Alert

By Phillip Van Cleave

The comment period has begun for allowing BOTH open carry and concealed carry in STATE FORESTS (right now neither is allowed).

As you might recall, the ban on carry in state forests caught us by surprise a few years ago and we have been working to get this fixed ever since.  The first attempt (under Governor Kaine) was more modest, only allowing for concealed carry with a CHP.  When VCDL and its members commented on the proposal, however, we also asked for open carry in state forests.  Nothing happened by the time that Kaine left office.

With the election of Governor Bob McDonnell, VCDL Leadership approached the Governor’s office and asked that both open and concealed carry be allowed in state forests.  The slow wheels of government started turning on a new regulation which allowed both modes of carry.

Here is a link to the new proposed wording change:

The end of the road is in sight, but we need to flood the comments one last time to get the job done. We have until March 16th to comment and then we wait for the new regulation to become law, hopefully not too much later.

To comment click here (currently only 5 comments have been sent):

Enter your name, your email address, subject and comment (suggested versions below), and finally the two letter code shown at the bottom of the comment box (used to verify a human is actually sending the comment).

Suggested subject:

I SUPPORT the proposed amendment to 4VAC10-30-170!

Suggested comment:

Please enact the proposed amendment to 4VAC10-30-170, which allows for the otherwise lawful carry of firearms and ammunition in state forests!  This amendment brings state forests into alignment with state parks, national parks, and national forests.

Decoding the State of the Union

Helping you Decode the Presidents State of The Union Speech.

By Kurt Feigel

Lynchburg Tea Party Vice Chair

Most Americans couldn’t stomach the idea of listening to the state of the union speech. So I’ve undertaken the daunting task of decoding the speech from the written transcript found at NPR.

It’s understandable why most people would skip this staged absurdity.

When Joe Wilson 2 years ago yelled “you lie”! we had no idea how prophetic his words were.

The Nation:

That’s what helps set us apart as a nation” The President said referring to the “differences over the past two years”. Ironic because this is the state of the “Union” and we couldn’t be more divided. Obama’s most annoying ploy during this speech is his frequent attempt to tout our national exceptionalism, something he doesn’t believe in and something he disdains!

That, too, is what sets us apart as a nation.”


A frequent trend in this speech was Obama’s use of terms expressing the desire for unity. He wants a “new era of cooperation” and is hoping we can “work together tomorrow” and “that governing will now be a shared responsibility between parties” or “support from Democrats and Republicans”. This theme continued with “We will move forward together, or not at all “ and begs the question if “not at all” is the tone of the new “civility” we’ve heard so much about recently?

This little bit of baloney wasn’t all bad, “after all, we just had an election.” Yes, and Mr. President YOU LOST…but thanks for the reminder. It’s always good to revel in our victory over your forces of evil.

Why are we always told we need to “reach across the aisle”? The end result is that we end up capitulating to the demands of the enemies of Liberty.


…whether new jobs and industries take root in this country, or somewhere else. “ this fails to explain WHY businesses are leaving…that would be overburdensome policies coming out of D.C. For $500 Alex “…industry of our people is rewarded.” This is insulting on so many levels because BHO does not believe this. He and his crony friends in the White House HATE the industrious nature of the American worker.


Obama had the nerve to take credit for the tax cuts that Republicans forced the administration to pass in December, “Thanks to the tax cuts we passed, Americans’ paychecks are a little bigger today.”

Here he tells the biggest lie of the night, “the idea that each of us deserves the chance to shape our own destiny. “ This is a lie because he doesn’t believe one word of it.


On to Obama’s favorite mantras; Sacrifice, “It has required each generation to sacrifice, and struggle, and meet the demands of a new age.” And thrill of thrills “And now it’s our turn.” followed by the next big lie of the night “out-build the rest of the world.” This is a lie because every day we are told what an evil nation we are for consuming so much. If we build, we consume.

Hey Mr. President, Are you sacrificing when you and your wife take +$1 Million dollar trips all over the world?

Free Markets:

Our free enterprise system is what drives innovation.” Not a truer statement has been said and not a bigger lie for our President. He hates the free enterprise system. Hates innovation that didn’t originate with the government(none ever does). He starts off touting “free enterprise” but then goes on to attack it by stating we must“provide[d] cutting-edge scientists and inventors with the support that they need…an investment that will strengthen our security, protect our planet, and create countless new jobs for our people.”

Next Obama shows how little he knows about supply and demand by declaring that America will “become the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.” To accomplish this we are already hearing of stories of “incentives” for consumers to buy these electric vehicles.

He doesn’t understand that our national power grid is over taxed either. That monopolistic control at the local level has hindered the “innovation” he keeps talking about. “I challenge you to join me in setting a new goal: By 2035, 80 percent of America’s electricity will come from clean energy sources.” We have a clean energy source…it’s called Nuclear power. Not one nuke plant has been built In over 20 years.

We need to get behind this innovation. And to help pay for it, I’m asking Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies…So instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.”

I personally don’t have a problem taxing big oil. But for some reason Obama thinks that a “tax cut” is a “gift”

“By 2035, 80 percent of America’s electricity will come from clean energy sources. “ He can dream big, after all, he is single handedly making Oil cost more by restricting our ability to drill for it at every turn. “Some folks want wind and solar. Others want nuclear, clean coal and natural gas. “ Any guesses which ones will get the nod and which ones will get the axe?

But He doesn’t understand any of this. When was the last time BHO has had to write a check for his power? When has this Ruling Class Elitist been made to pay for the heat he enjoys? Come to think of it, when has Obama worked an honest day in his life?


After rambling about how the world has changed he touts China’s innovation and how they are “educating their children earlier and longer, with greater emphasis on math and science. “

we also have to win the race to educate our kids…as many as a quarter of our students aren’t even finishing high school. “ Never mind, the FACT that we spend more than most rich nations on education and get little to nothing for it.

And what political party controls the education system in America? That would be the Democrats.

Talking of American students “We need to teach them that success is not a function of fame or PR, but of hard work and discipline.” Funny, coming from a guy who is standing where he is not because of “hard work and discipline” but from “fame” and “PR”.

He goes on to tout another idea from the treasure trove of new idiotic ideas “Race to the Top should be the approach we follow this year as we replace No Child Left Behind with a law that’s more flexible and focused on what’s best for our kids.” I remember when the disaster know as “No Child Left Behind” was passed by guys like Ted Kennedy. How it was supposed to do all these great things to bring standards into our education system…6 years later and full of failure we’ve got a new program that is supposed to save the day. New name…same trash.

Never one to let his Union thug friends miss out on the bennies, “ we want to prepare 100,000 new teachers in the fields of science and technology and engineering and math. “ and the laughable “We want to reward good teachers and stop making excuses for bad ones.” I’d like to see you enforce that on the teachers unions.

Illegal Immigration:

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of students excelling in our schools who are not American citizens…They grew up as Americans and pledge allegiance to our flag” Sorry Mr. President, I grew up in California, The only flag they are pledging allegiance to is the Mexican flag.

He pauses here to reiterate his unity plan “am prepared to work with Republicans and Democrats…let’s agree to make that effort. “ LETS NOT!


Our infrastructure used to be the best, but our lead has slipped. South Korean homes now have greater Internet access than we do. “ This is the first time I agree with what he says. Our Internet infrastructure is slipping. However, I don’t think it is the roll of government to innovate here. It is the roll of government to get out of the way and let the industry fix this problem.

So over the last two years, we’ve begun rebuilding for the 21st century, a project that has meant thousands of good jobs for the hard-hit construction industry. And tonight, I’m proposing that we redouble those efforts. “ It didn’t work for the last 2 years…but I’m sure it will work this time right?

We’ll make sure this is fully paid for, attract private investment, and pick projects based [on] what’s best for the economy, not politicians.” And pigs can fly!

Within the next five years, we’ll make it possible” No, if it happens, private companies will make this possible. “for businesses to deploy the next generation of high-speed wireless coverage to 98 percent of all Americans. “ are you going to give everyone a phone? “ But to help our companies compete, we also have to knock down barriers that stand in the way of their success.” Like your administrations idiotic policies? Or is this more crony capitalism?

Health Care:

We can start right now by correcting a flaw in the legislation that has placed an unnecessary bookkeeping burden on small businesses. “ Referring to the 1099 requirements built into the new health care law…If the President and Congress had read the stupid law they would have known what was it.

We told them it was…they didn’t listen. So now “we” have to fix it.

So I say to this chamber tonight, instead of re-fighting the battles of the last two years, let’s fix what needs fixing and let’s move forward. “ Don’t touch my baby!


I’m not sure if this was a joke or a serious statement, “We need to take responsibility for our deficit and reform our government.”

Now, the final critical step in winning the future is to make sure we aren’t buried under a mountain of debt.” Oh now you care about spending too much money? “…every day, families sacrifice to live within their means. They deserve a government that does the same.”

So tonight, I am proposing that starting this year, we freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years. Now, this would reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade, “ It is so sad that our educational system is so bad, and so many stupid people don’t see the lie that was just told to them in this statement $400 Billion dollars spread over 10 years is $40 Billion/yr. PEANUTS! From a government that is going to be spending $1.4 Trillion dollars MORE than it has this year alone.

Remember when a Billion was a lot of money?

In fact, the best thing we could do on taxes for all Americans is to simplify the individual tax code.” The ONLY way to do this at this point would be to institute the Fair Tax. Thats not going to happen. We have a better chance of building a Nuclear power plant than in our government “simplifying the tax code” Charlie Rangel wrote the stupid code and then broke it for 17 straight years.

The 21st century government that’s open and competent. A government that lives within its means. “

Take a moment and laugh…I did!

Foreign Policy:

About now he begins a long bit on touting his foreign policy accomplishments. Thanking our Troops. Talking about our “conflicts” overseas. Nothing spectacular. Though he did take a second and brag on how Gay people can now be openly gay and wreck our military.

He did touch on Iran, “ Because of a diplomatic effort to insist that Iran meet its obligations, “ I can with absolute certainty guarantee that Iran isn’t scared of you Mr. President. They are very scared of Israeli Hackers.

This March, I will travel to Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador to forge new alliances across the Americas. Around the globe, we’re standing with those who take responsibility — helping farmers grow more food, supporting doctors who care for the sick, and combating the corruption that can rot a society and rob people of opportunity.”

Oh goodie another expensive vacation. Lets not have the leaders of these nations visit us…nope lets spend millions of dollars traveling to see them.


From the earliest days of our founding, America has been the story of ordinary people who dare to dream.” Give me a break! He no more believes this than he things Ronald Reagan was a great President.

So if you guessed that the SOTU would be filled with lies and distortions then you were right. Sadly once again the American people are being deceived at the highest levels of government and the people are doing little to stop it.

Kurt Feigel is the Vice Chair of the Lynchburg Tea Party and Communications Director of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation.

No Picture

You’re invited to a Robert Hurt Sendoff in South Hill

Tuesday December 14th, Please come to breakfast at Brian’s Steakhouse in South Hill, VA, Tuesday Morning, December 14, 8 to 10, and give a huge sendoff to Congressman-Elect Robert Hurt.

Directions from Danville and Lynchburg are provided below.

Tuesday will be our last chance to tell Mr. Hurt of our concerns before he is engulfed in the Capitol swamp.

We expect the republican controlled House to not only reverse the Obamanation but set us up for the 2012 republican takeover of the Senate and a fumigated the Executive Mansion.

Never forget who sent you to Washington.

(Hint. It wasnt’ the Republican Party Ruling Class, even though they hand picked him, it was the Tea Party and party conservatives that fueled the engine that sent him to D. C. to fight for smaller, less intrusive government and a restoration of the virtues that made America great!)

Mike Smith,
Chase City

Breakfast with Robert Hurt

Come join us for breakfast with Robert Hurt.
Date:  Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Time:  8:00 am to 10:00 am
Cost:  $7.00
Location:  Brians Steakhouse


From Danville, take U. S. 58 East past South Boston, Clarksville and Boydton to South Hill, turn left at the stop light (with the Exxon on the left), onto East Atlantic Street, State Route 47. In just a short distance see Brian’s Steak House on the right at 625. You’ll see the big sign out front. It is surrounded by a bunch of stores and a motel on the far side of it.

From Lynchburg, take U. S. 460 past Appomattox to Pamplin City, then right on State Route 47, all of the way to South Hill, through Charlotte Court House, crossing U. S. 15/360 at the blinking light, nine miles to Chase City, then 22 more miles to South Hill, through the center of town and it becomes Atlantic Street, a half-mile or so to Brians on the Left at 625, surrounded by a bunch of motels and Food Lion and Peebles store.

Virginia’s New Tea Party PAC

No more “the lesser of two evils”. It’s time for a real change.

In 2010, the tea party movement often had to work for candidates that frankly, “were the lesser of two evils”. We know that many tea party and liberty minded conservatives had to plug their nose one more time on Election Day in order to defeat the extremist Obama agenda.

Never again.

Right after the historic 2010 mid-term elections, the Virginia Tea Party Alliance was launched to recruit and develop an entirely new field of candidates from every corner of Virginia. We will field candidates who are more loyal to the principles of liberty and the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions than to a political party hierarchy. We want to help genuinely conservative candidates avoid the campaign pitfalls that have cost our movement elections, and put the future of our nation at risk.

Right now, we are in the middle of our first fundraising drive to raise $10,000 by December 31.  This money will go to the startup costs, filing fees, developing promotional materials, and training.  By the end of January, we will have driven over 2,300 miles in Virginia evaluating candidates, and meeting with grassroots leaders.

The Virginia Tea Party Alliance will be a third force in state and national politics, not a third party. We’re no longer interested in running candidates to send a message.  Our Commonwealth and our country need principled candidates to WIN.

Unlike the most political groups, VATPA is a genuine grassroots organization- not astroturf (sorry, Nancy Pelosi). We’re not funded by some billionaire, or a group of political cronies manipulating the system for themselves. But in order to compete politically against well-funded establishment candidates and their political machines, we need to be able to have the funds to get the job done right.

There are three ways that you can help.

1) Donate

– We need 5 people who can donate $1,000

– We need 10 people who can donate $500

– We need 25 people who can donate $100

2) Promote

Help spread the word- on Facebook, Twitter, with your friends.  Can you host a meeting for the VA Tea Party Alliance in your home, local tea party or other civic group? Send an email to: [email protected]

3) Engage-

Do you know of someone looking to get involved in electoral process?  Run for office? Support a candidate? Help us with research? Coordinate volunteers? Send us an email!

I know that you’ve probably gotten lots of year-end appeals for worthy causes. Maybe you feel a bit jaded by various political groups claiming to speak for the tea party, but are really just using the movement to line their pockets.

We just can’t do this for free anymore. As tea party groups took on the political establishment in 2010 we were often “out gunned” by big money political machines. The victories we did win were accomplished by thousands of man hours, and lots of small donations. We showed that we were willing to fight for the founding values of our nation. Many of us sacrificed our incomes, our family time and our free time to do it.

In order for us to continue and to really make our liberty secure, we need to “step up our game”.  And that means the money to successfully launch liberty minded candidates, and the infrastructure to support them.

Already our presence is sending shock waves through the political world in Virginia.  We were featured in a front page story in the Washington Post and the Richmond Times Dispatch.  Mary Margaret Whipple a Democrat in the Virginia State Senate, used the Virginia Tea Party Alliance as an excuse to generate funds to “restore sanity” in state government.  That’s pretty impressive for a brand new organization!

Can you help?

The major political parties have failed to develop the principled leadership that our nation needs.  Here in Virginia we can change that.

Please send in your donation for $1,000, $500, $100, or even $50.

You can donate at our site: or by sending a check.

Please contact us and schedule a meeting for your group or organization.

The Virginia Tea Party Alliance represents a new era in politics.  We are going to see things in the next two election cycles that defy the conventional wisdom of the past.  You are an integral part of that future. Your support of the Virginia Tea Party Alliance will help to reassert the rightful role of “We the People” in the governance of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Thank you for your support.

In Victory or Death (the password in George Washington’s army)

Karen Miner Hurd

Executive Director

Virginia Tea Party Alliance

P.S. Your donation will help us to defeat big government RINOS and Democrats and support good candidates that are often ignored by the political establishement.

Donate today! – THX!


Remember – donations to the Virginia Tea Party Alliance are not tax deductible. The Virginia Tea Party Alliance is incorporated in the State of Virginia as the Tea Party Alliance, Inc.

To donate by check-

Make check payable to: Virginia Tea Party AllianceC/O 1725 Glassy Lake Dr.Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Please include your full name and occupation (required  by law).

To donate online:

The Virginia Tea Party Alliance uses PayPal, a secure third party service.

Please include your occupation in the comments section of the Pay Pal form.

Watchdog Endorsement of Robert Hurt

Tomorrow I will enter the voting booth and press the screen and cast my vote for Robert Hurt.

As many of you know I was a McPadden supporter. I still am. Mike had the following to say in response to an advertisement Tom Perriello was running:

Tom Perriello’s most recent negative campaign ad is another shameful attempt by the Perriello Campaign to avoid talking about his record in Congress. It is sad that Mister Perriello’s record as our Congressman is so poor that he has to stoop to these levels in his desperate attempt to hold on to the fifth district seat. To portray Robert Hurt as anything but a staunch Conservative is ridiculous and disingenuous. I am fully confident that the people of the fifth district who believe that they are better able to run their own lives, not government, who believe that lower taxes and less government regulation will spur job growth, and who understand that it is the private sector economy that creates jobs and not government, will go to the polls next Tuesday and vote for Robert Hurt. I would also like to remind our Congressman that if his political mentors had been men like John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan instead of Hugo Chavez and Nancy Pelosi he might not now be in the position of having to spread lies and half truths about his opponent in this race. ~ Mike McPadden

I’m now left with the choice of throwing my vote on a guaranteed lost cause and flawed candidate in Jeff Clark, or a Vote for Hurt and the joy I’ll get from throwing Tom Perriello out on his elitist rear end. I should note that I do not in any way feel I am voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

People thought I was crazy when during the primary I wrote a piece stating that “Robert Hurt was a Conservative” because I took the time examine his voting record and to speak with him about his votes. I won’t go into detail here, if you want please read the article for yourself.

The election on Tuesday, November 2nd is about a statement for me, and many in the Tea Party. A rejection of socialist policies of Obama and Pelosi.

Tom Perriello has NOT represented his constituents and has not been the Guardian of the U.S. Constitution that I believe our representatives should be. I believe Robert Hurt will. Robert understands the past mistakes he has made. 2 votes I disagree with in 10 years is a pretty good track record. Beyond that, on the issues of Life, Family, Guns Robert Hurt will stand up for us.

Make no mistake. Robert Hurt is an “establishment” candidate. But who is the problem? Hurt or the Establishment? We in the 5th have done a great job of routing out the fiefdom goons and are well on our way to doing in throughout Virginia. We are becoming that establishment.

Ask yourself this if you are still on the fence or if you have taken a trip to crazy town and are planning to vote for Clark.

Would Robert Hurt have voted for:

  • Cap and Trade?
  • Stimulus?
  • Card Check?
  • Obamacare?

Not only NO but HELL NO!

Look at what Jim McKelvey put out in a recent Press Release and tell me that these things do not resonate with you:

1. Protecting Taxpayers – Robert has signed the Tax Payers Protection Pledge, which is a pledge to the voters of the fifth district, that once elected Robert will veto or vote against any attempt to increase taxes.

2. Balancing the Budget – Robert has promised to Co Sponsor H.JRes.1, The Balanced Budget Amendment, which proposes a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

3. Protecting the Unborn – Robert has promised to Co Sponsor H.R.2533, the Sanctity of Life Act, which provides that human life shall be deemed to exist from conception, and for other purposes. Robert has also promised to oppose funding for organizations such as Planned Parenthood and those that conduct embryonic stem cell research. Robert has also promised to Co Sponsor H.R.881, the Right to Life Act, which will implement equal protection under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution for the right to life of each born and pre-born human person.

4. Auditing The Federal Reserve – Robert has promised to Co Sponsor H.R.1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, which is a bill to audit the Federal Reserve and amend title 31, United States Code, to reform the manner in which the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is audited by the Comptroller General of the United States and the manner in which such audits are reported, and for other purposes.

5. Support of Marriage – Robert has promised to Co Sponsor H.J.Res.37, the Federal Marriage Amendment, which proposes an amendment to the Constitution of the Unites States relating to marriage. Robert has also promised to oppose any legislation which gives taxpayer funded benefits to domestic partnerships.

6. Protect the 2nd Amendment – Robert has promised to uphold the 2nd Amendment and oppose any legislation that imposes restrictions on the right to bear arms by law abiding citizens. Robert has also promised to work to eliminate existing restrictions that infringe upon this right.

7. De-funding ACORN – Robert has promised to vote against any legislation which provides funding to ACORN or its successor groups.

8. De-funding Extra-Constitutional Agencies – Robert has promised to work to cut or eliminate funding to government agencies which have no constitutional basis for existence.

9. Fight Earmarks – Robert has promised to vote against any bill with earmarks in it and will not request earmarks.

10. Securing Our Nations Border – Robert has promised to make every effort to seal our borders against any non-citizen whether it is terrorist, illegal immigrant, student or visitor overstaying their visa, or other method of illegal entry. Robert has also promised that he will oppose amnesty for those here illegally. Robert believes as I do that nothing could be more unfair than to reward lawbreakers and punish those who played by the rules.

11. Stopping the Fairness Doctrine – Robert has promised to oppose any effort to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine or any other similar means of stifling speech.

12. Supporting the 10th Amendment – Robert has promised to make every effort to use the Tenth Amendment as originally intended to limit the size and scope of the federal government.

Join me tomorrow as we throw out the failed policies of Obama and Pelosi. VOTE ROBERT HURT FOR U.S. CONGRESS!

Kurt Feigel

The Watchdog

Kurt Feigel is a husband and father in Lynchburg Virginia.

He is a Website Designer and Tea Party activist currently serving as the Lynchburg Tea Party Vice Chair in charge of Communications.

Lynchburg Tea Party – Standing on Principle

Fellow Tea Party Patriots:

The following is gleaned from the Lynchburg Tea Party website


“The Lynchburg Tea Party is a group of concerned citizens who are not, as a sanctioned “Tea Party” group, affiliated with any political party. All are welcome. [W]e come from all walks of life, and may disagree on various issues, [but there] are the key principles we agree upon.”


“We, the people of the Lynchburg Tea Party, set as our goal the education of the citizens of the city of Lynchburg and surrounding areas in the election process for the purpose of effecting change in the governance of our surrounding localities, our State and the United States of America.”

“[We will] remain a non-partisan group that will support effective candidates that stand for our core constitutional values at every step of the election process. Candidate principles trump partisan politics.”

These statements define, at least in part, what the Lynchburg Tea Party is, the purpose for which the Lynchburg Tea Party was founded, and the principles upon which the Lynchburg Tea Party stands.

Yet we have what seems to be an uproar that the Tea Party would dare to stand by its principles in the face of political pressure to jump on the bandwagon. At least the Tea Party is willing to do that which we are afraid Robert Hurt will not do!

A short historical reminder is in order.

In 1994, the conservative revolt against the Clinton occupancy resulted in the GOP takeover of the United States House and Senate. The inauguration of Gingrich as Speaker in January 1995 ushered in the so-called Republican Revolution. At the first the GOP held its ground, and by the Fall of 1995, the federal government was threatened with a shut-down over a budget battle between the GOP Congress and liberal White House. As the days and weeks wore on, the liberal media constantly hammered the GOP for stone-walling, blocking needed legislation, acting unreasonably, killing old folks and starving school kids, and causing hundreds of thousands of federal workers to go without pay and veterans to go without benefits, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.

The budget battle was a critical test as to whether the GOP was serious about returning the federal government to its constitutional constraints, or whether the “Contract with America” and all the conservative rhetoric was just a ploy to garner the support of the voters for the 1994 election cycle. In all fairness, it can be truthfully stated that a good many of the freshman class of 1994, as well as some of the more experienced members of Congress, were serious about their promises to stand their ground.

But not serious enough. The battle between Gingrich & GOP Senate Leader Bob Dole on one side, and Bill Clinton on the other, resembled a staring match – and in the face of withering criticism in the media carrying the water for the Democrats, Bob Dole, and then Newt Gingrich, blinked. The story of what actually occurred will go down in the sorry annals of pretended statesmanship – Dole was concerned the bad media attention would fatally hurt his chances for election as president in 1996. He would not stand on principle if would cost him his chance at the White House. And so he blinked, played like a rubber elephant in Bill Clinton’s hands.

Bill Clinton won the battle, and it was then that the Republican Revolution ended. It was not immediately apparent. But just as a limb severed from the tree trunk is dead but maintains its color for a while, the GOP Revolution then and there died – it took a mere 10-12 years to finally see.

In the Fall of 1995, after the GOP lost the budget battle, the conservative electorate felt scorned and burned. But the GOP leadership told us to stay with them. They assured us they hold to the same ideals and principles. We trusted them and we continued to support them. And at the 1996 GOP presidential nominating convention, Bob Dole told the conservatives that “all” are welcome in the “Big Tent” that was his Republican Party, and he told us that if we were not willing to welcome all comers to the GOP we could leave through the back door of the convention. It was then that many conservatives lost their heart for the GOP. And the GOP lost them. And Bill Clinton sullied the Oval Office another four years.

In 2000, many were enthused with the rise of a young, energetic presidential candidate from Texas unashamed to call himself a conservative and a Christian. And he quickly consolidated the GOP behind him. And many a liberal thanked God it was George Bush in the White House on 9/11 rather than Al Gore. But slowly, subtly, yet surely, we began to see things in George Bush that troubled us. Invitations to Islamic organizations after 9/11 to celebrate Ramadan in the White House, supporting a pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, big government liberal by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2003 California governor re-call election. Bush supported the liberal Schwarzenegger over the conservative Tom McClintock. It was starting to become apparent to conservatives that once again we had been boondoggled by a Republican promising a conservative agenda yet compromising on basic conservative principles. In 2004 Mr. Bush endorsed and campaigned for the RINO/DINO socialist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion monstrosity otherwise known as Arlen Specter in the GOP Senate Primary in Pennsylvania rather than endorse and fight for a known, true-blood conservative named Pat Toomey. (Yes, this is the same Pat Toomey now on the GOP Senate ticket in Pennsylvania in 2010.)

Bush also oversaw passage of the largest entitlement program in recent memory in the Medicare Prescription Drug Program in 2003. This was done with the arm-twisting and all-night voting reminiscent of Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats when they were in power. Did I forget to mention the Republican-controlled Congress failed to roll back the automatic pay increases for members of Congress, failed to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, failed to eliminate the Department of Education, failed to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (NPR, etc.), failed to …. You get the picture.

When Gingrich became Speaker in 1995, he encouraged his colleagues and the American people to read the Federalist Papers so we could understand the “what and why” of the upcoming GOP reformation of government. When Gingrich stepped down as Speaker in 1998, many Americans re-read George Orwell’s Animal Farm as a reminder of what happens when a person or party takes tiny steps of compromise “for the greater good” only to morph into the very beast we were fighting against in the first place. By 2006 the Republican Majority in the House attempted to cover-up a homosexual harassment scandal by a Florida GOP congressman so the GOP could hold on to the seat in the election. “Greater good” indeed. House GOP Leader John Boehner’s nose had more and more the appearance of a hog’s snout. And Nanny Pillosi has milked the nation ever since.

But whose fault, I ask. Was it Ross Perot’s fault Bill Clinton served two terms, or even one term? Or was it the fault of a compromising, invertebrate GOP so-leadership showing all the ominous signs of detesticulation, that failed to ignite the base because the base was not sure many of the candidates stood for any principle other than their own election? I contend this is the reason for the failure of the GOP to win in 1992, 1996, and 2008. At least George Bush prosecuted the War, and in 2004 the voters refused to turn over the office of Commander-in-Chief to a waffling, so-called veteran who rushed to testify against his fellow soldiers in front of the cameras in Congress during the Vietnam War.

Four more years of George Bush only increased the distastefulness many of us had for him, and for the all-to-easily-led GOP. Our disdain was not because he or they had become too conservative. Not by far. It was not because our troops were still in Iraq and Afghanistan, although many of us felt political considerations played too great a role in some military decisions. Even to this day many conservatives maintain a lingering respect for the man because of his determination to keep America safe, to WIN the War. But his and the GOP’s attempt to save free-market capitalism with socialist government policy capped a sorry run of compromise and capitulation with the liberal media and politicians and crony-capitalists. And our beloved GOP then props up a has-been, super-compromiser in John McCain as our supposed next standard bearer. If not for Sarah Palin, the 2008 presidential election would have been a Democrat landslide. And, thanks to the GOP, we have now installed the most un-American occupant of the Oval Office in our history.

And now, with the primary nomination of Robert Hurt (brought about at least in part by a push from the same damned GOP establishment that ushered in the era of Obama) with a record of voting for tax increases that seems frightful, the Lynchburg Tea Party is supposed to jump in, lock-step, behind the “conservative” candidate. If Hurt was a confirmed conservative candidate he would already have been endorsed by the Tea Party and we would not have had a field of seven candidates in the primary. It was precisely because of Robert Hurt’s voting record that many did not and do not endorse him. I do not pretend to read anyone’s mind, but I doubt McPadden and McKelvey would have run if Hurt was a confirmed conservative. As I have stated before, these were not opportunists. These were the only two candidates who seriously considered dropping out and supporting the other. But they saw a need and decided to fill that need with their own money and time. They have and we have a legitimate concern Robert Hurt is not one of us and will not stand his ground in Washington, D.C. And for a person to withhold support for Hurt because of that concern, while most others are jumping on, is admirable.

Even more so for an organization founded on core principles which the organization is not sure Robert Hurt stands for. I do not doubt that Robert will put forth an effort to convince us he is one of us (I hope he will), but it remains to be seen whether he can convince the more than one-half of the conservatives who voted against him that he will stand strong in Washington. And it is extremely disappointing that folks in the conservative electorate, after the history we have been through with the GOP, would castigate the Lynchburg Tea Party leadership for living up to the principles on which it was founded – an uncompromising adherence to principles that transcend party affiliation, color, age, ethnicity, place of origin, gender, height, eye color, hair color, accent …. These principles transcend all of these because these principles promote the aspiration of all mankind – to live according to the principles of ordered liberty, free and in peace, unencumbered by an authoritarian downward-pressing government intent on becoming the be-all and end-all for our existence. Will the GOP be a bulwark against the tide, or will the GOP, like a sand castle, merely have all the appearance of a fortress and all the fortitude of a wet noodle. Where is Robert Hurt’s place in all of this? What role would he play? For many people this is a troubling prospect.

The Lynchburg Tea Party, as an organization, must, if it is to fulfill its purpose for existing, maintain its independence from any political party. It must uncompromisingly adhere to its founding principles, else it will become a by-word among its enemies who trashed it as astro-turf of the GOP from the inception. If the Tea Party cannot without reservation support a candidate because the Tea Party is not CERTAIN that candidate supports, with words and actions, the principles of the Tea Party, then in that case the Tea Party has stood by its convictions, and is to be applauded.

It is evident from this letter I did not support Robert Hurt in the primary. This does not necessarily mean I will not work for his election against Perrilosi. My family is in serious contemplation of what we should do from here. And if the candidate I supported endorsed Robert Hurt I would not consider it an abandonment of his principles. Nor would I think he wrong if he chose not to endorse Hurt. But if the Lynchburg Tea Party were to endorse Robert Hurt now, after a primary season in which it was stated repeatedly by Tea Party members that they were not certain he stood for the principles of the Tea Party, the damage to the credibility of the Tea Party would, in my opinion, be fatal.

The burden is on Robert Hurt to win the support of a very active portion of the 5th District conservative electorate, because as I heard one little girl say at the Tax Day Tea Party Rally, we will be silent no more! Nor will we be used and abused and taken for granted. Perrilosi has significant funding and a well-oiled machine. Robert Hurt has at the ready a veritable army of volunteers who can dismantle that machine and overcome the funding deficit– if he can convince them of his sincerity.


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Robert Hurts Conservative Voting Record

By Kurt Feigel

Many people have brought into question Robert Hurt’s voting record. They say he is not a conservative. They say he is a moderate. Some even paint him to be the second coming of Satan himself. While he is part of the “establishment” It would seem that most of the arguments against him DO NOT check out.

There is currently a lot of anti establishment politics within the fifth district. I should know, I share in those same sentiments. This anti establishment wave has swept 11 unit chairs out and replaced them with, what we can all hope, will be a new fresh group of passionate conservative leaders. It has also led to a new 5th district chairman.

Having spent some time combing the voting records of Robert Hurt I wonder how much of people’s perceptions are based on facts and how much are myths based on a hatred for the establishment.

Here is a simple breakdown of his voting record. It is by no means a complete list.  These votes were pulled from Project Vote Smart and only go back to 2006. I did look further but was unsuccessful in my search for the votes. I’ve no doubt that one of my haters out there will point out “how easy” it was to find them. Fine. Have at it. This post is not to serve to encourage you to vote for Robert Hurt. I remain a McPadden Supporter with McKelvey right after him. What this post is out to do is present the truth so that the VOTERS can educate themselves instead of relying on political pharisees with an agenda.

This started as a quest to find out “If Robert Hurt wins the nomination on June 8th, could I support him?”

Robert Hurts Voting Record

The site at Vote  Smart is fairly accurate. I did find one anomaly with the site, in that it only records the first vote on a bill even if the bill had multiple votes. So in the instance of HB2035 (HPV Vaccine) it only recorded his initial Yes vote and not his later No vote (more details below)


Voting to prevent the funding of planned parenthood.
Voting to prevent forced or coercive abortion.
Voting to require Abortions clinics to get a license.
Voted to prohibit state funding of stem cell research.

Second Amendment:

Voted for Restaurant Concealed Carry
Voted against requiring a background check for gun show sales by private individuals
Has an A Rating from the NRA
Does not have a  VCDL rating because ” Typically I do not do surveys. My vote in support of the second amendment speaks for itself. I believe the 2A goes to the heart of the government and the individual. If you believe the govt should trust the people then you will have no problems with the 2A”

Pro Family:

Voted in favor of defining marriage between one man and one woman
Voted against a bill Prohibiting “Discrimination” for sexual orientation in State Government Employment
Voted for a bill that allows people to designate anyone that they wish as a beneficiary on their life insurance. This vote has been harped on by opponents (Mostly Feda Morton and her supporters) as a vote in support of homosexuals.
“In 2008 life insurance benefits could not be designated to a beneficiary other than your spouse or child. The bill was designed to allow those life insurance benefits to be designated to whoever the policy holder wanted. I never looked at this as something as a benefit to homosexuals. I’ve voted against civil unions. We’ve made it the law in VA for it to be impossible. Voted for the marriage amendment. [this vote] It wasn’t about that.”

Civil Liberties:

Voted to enhance the seatbelt law and make it a “primary offense” so officers could stop someone for that violation alone.
Voted in favor of Driver’s License Suspension for Unexcused School Absences
Voted against a requirement to get a permit to fish, or ride a horse on lands under the control of the Department of Forestry.
Voted for a transportation bill that included massive excessive fines for speeding and other “infractions”

“That was part of a larger 2007 transportation package under Governor Kaine. We wanted to make sure that there were no tax increases and we did prevent a gas tax increase. That provision was later repealed and I voted for the repeal.”

Health Issues:

Voted against forcing insurance coverage of children with Autism
Voted to allow a parent to decline medical treatment for a child with a life-threatening condition in certain circumstances.
Voted for State funded HPV Vaccinations Then later voted against final passage of the bill
When asked about this bill Robert Hurt said ” When it was first introduced the vaccine was optional and I voted for it” as the bill progressed Hurt said, “the government at the end of the day doesn’t have any business doing this…when it came back for final passage I voted against it.”

Small Business:

Voted against the Smoking Ban

Election Issues:

Voted to prevent felons from having voting rights restored
Voted against “no excuse” absentee voting
” I’m not opposed to absentee voting with a reason. Elections should be held on election day and should be done at the polls. Absentee voting has problems from a big picture perspective including fraud. Most people CAN qualify with a reason.”

Crime & Death Penalty:

Voted to expand Death Penalty Eligibility to Accomplices
Voted to expand the “Triggerman” rule regarding death penalty cases (The bill allows an accessory before the fact to be tried as a principal in the first degree if he ordered or directed the willful, deliberate, and premeditated killing.)
Voted to make murder of a Judge a Capitol Murder charge
Voted against a bill that would have restricted the death penalty to those 18 and older only.
Voted to fund Anti-Gang programs

Illegal Immigration

Voted to make employment of an Illegal Immigrant a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by a $10,000 fine.
Voted to pass a bill preventing undocumented immigrants from receiving in-state tuition at public universities.
Voted to pass a bill preventing undocumented immigrants from attending state public universities.

Voted against flat tax on communications services
Voted against the Internet sales tax
Voted in 2004 for a $1 to 1.6 Billion dollar tax increase. (there are lots of numbers floating out there) He was one of 15 other republicans to vote for this bill. If you look back at his website from March 2004 it does appear  that he did not want to vote for this bill. Hurt said ” I voted for it at the time because of a total failure of conservative leadership on how to combat Governor Mark Warner and the Democrats. We never had a plan and got steamrolled by the Governor and the State Senate. The Senate originally voted for a 4 billion dollar increase. The house NEVER offered a budget that had spending cuts. From March to May we had no budget. June 30 would have resulted in a government shut down. It was my duty and my constitutional obligation to my constituents to avoid a govt shut down. We voted for a compromise vote of 1 billion and that got increased as the process continued. He further explained that this would not have just been government offices but, Fire, EMS, Police, Etc  would have had to shutdown.

When I brought up the fact that after the vote that there was a release of information that the state had a surplus he said ” That was a total outrage! Governor Mark Warner failed to forecast revenue and did not do that till after the vote” This sounds like typical Democrat play-book politics. Create a crisis that doesn’t exist to get your agenda passed.

All of Robert Hurt’s opponents claim that…the line of defense broke with him. Hurt disagreed, ” Everyone votes at the same time. I pleaded with our leadership ‘show us a way out of this that balances the budget without raising taxes.’ We were left with voting with what was on the table.” He added. ” I learned a lot in that session about leadership and about how it is important to stick your ground early. A train like that once it gets moving is really hard to stop. The Governor and the Senate out manuvered us. “

When asked about the recent furniture plant closing in Southside Hurt said, ” Virginia has been heralded in Forbes magazine as ‘The best place in the US to do business’ because of the pro business environment that we have adopted in the legislature. The biggest problem here in Virginia is not Virginia,  it is the  Federal Government. Tom Perriello’s voting record of Pro Regulation CRUSHES BUSINESS so that we can not compete abroad. More taxes on power companies will get passed on to companies like Stanley Furniture [ and they will leave.] because of  legislation like Cap N Trade ”

I brought up the FairTax. Hurt was honest and admitted he is only half way though the book. He said about the FairTax that “I’m interested in it. It’s the kind of bold thinking we have to have. I agree that we need to eliminate the IRS. Taxes must be simpler.  We have a system that punishes success, I like how the FairTax gets away from that.”

He wanted to make sure I understood one thing before I hung up, “Out of 9 years, my record shows that I have voted for numerous tax cuts. That’s the kind of leadership you’ll get out of Robert Hurt in DC.”

So my conclusion? Is Robert Hurt a conservative despite the rhetoric being spread by so many people? Yes!

Is he my kind of conservative, one that understands the depth of the Constitution like Mike McPadden? I don’t think so. But, I’ve met so few that do understand it like Mike. There are no Guarantees in this race, but I now know that if Robert Hurt wins the Primary I would have no second thoughts about supporting him in the race against Tom Perriello.
Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. I still remain a supporter of Mike McPadden. I also like Jim McKelvey. But come June 8th I WILL be voting for Mike McPadden.

For a detailed history of the era of historic tax increases click here

Let the Ad hominid attacks begin!

Tom Perriello and the Myth of the modern Democrat

by: Edward W. Clark, Jr.

There’s no denying that leftists are running Congress. Ultra-liberal San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House. Far-left Henry Waxman chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee. Super-liberal Barney Frank is Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Left-wing activist David Obey chairs the Appropriations Committee. Radical leftist John Conyers is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. These “progressives” are among the most powerful politicians in Washington. And they are piling on us a mountain of debt and eroding our freedoms as they enact their radical-left agenda.
Congressman Tom Perriello claims to be a moderate Democrat and an independent voice in Congress. He’s not! He may claim to be pro-life and fiscally conservative, but all he’s really done is empower these leftist Congressional leaders. He votes with them over 90% of the time, including votes for Pelosi’s pork-laden $862 Billion “stimulus” bill, her ‘Cap-And-Trade’ energy tax, and her health care experiment (selling out on abortion in the process).
By empowering Pelosi and her radical cronies, Perriello proves there is no such a thing as a moderate Democrat in Congress. If the people of the Fifth District don’t want to continue fueling Pelosi’s radical agenda, they’ll send Perriello packing this November.

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From Wisdom brings Enlightenment!

This was received by email. Not sure of the source but it’s hilarious.

I was in my neighborhood restaurant this morning and was seated behind
a group of jubilant individuals celebrating the successful passing of the recent
health care bill. I could not finish my breakfast. This is what ensued:

They were a diverse group of several races and both sexes. I heard the
young man exclaim, “Isn’t Obama like Jesus Christ? I mean, after all,
he is healing the sick.” The young woman enthusiastically proclaimed, “Yeah,
and he does it for free. I cannot believe anyone would think that a free market
would work for health care. They are all crooks and thieves and don’t deserve
all of that money.” Another said, “The stupid Republicans want us all to starve
to death so they can inherit all of the power. Obama should be made a saint for
what he did for those of us less fortunate.” At this, I had had enough.

I arose from my seat, mustering all the restraint I could find, and approached
their table. “Please excuse me; may I impose upon you for one moment?”
They smiled and welcomed me to the conversation. I stood at the
end of their table, smiled as best I could and began an experiment.

“I would like to give one of you my house. It will cost you no money and I will pay
all of the expenses and taxes for as long as you live there. Anyone interested?”
They looked at each other in astonishment. “Why would you do something like that?”
asked a young man. “There isnt anything for free in this world.” They began to laugh
at me, as they did not realize this man had just made my point. “I am serious,
I will give you my house for free, no money what so ever. Anyone interested?”
In unison, a resounding ‘Hell Yeah’ fills the room.

“Since there are too many of you, I will have to make a choice as to who receives
this money free bargain.” I noticed an elderly couple was paying attention to the
spectacle unfolding before their eyes, the old man shaking his head in apparent
disgust. “I tell you what; I will give it to the one of you most willing to obey my rules.”
Again, they looked at one another, an expression of bewilderment on their faces.
The perky young woman asked, “What are the rules?” I smiled and said, “I dont know.
I have not yet defined them. However, it is a free home that I offer you.” They giggled amongst
themselves, the youngest of which said, “What an old coot. He must be crazy to
give away his home. Go take your meds, old man.” I smiled and leaned into the
table a bit further. “I am serious, this is a legitimate offer.” They gaped at
me for a moment.

“Hell, Ill take it you old fool. Where are the keys?” boasted the youngest among them.
“Then I presume you accept ALL of my terms then?” I asked. The elderly couple seemed
amused and entertained as they watched from the privacy of their table.
“Oh hell yeah! Where do I sign up?” I took a napkin and wrote, I give this man my home,
without the burden of financial obligation, so long as he accepts and abides by the terms that I
shall set forth upon consummation of this transaction. I signed it and handed it
to the young man who eagerly scratched out his signature. “Where are the keys
to my new house?” he asked in a mocking tone of voice. All eyes were upon us as
I stepped back from the table, pulling the keys from pocket and dangling them
before the excited new homeowner.

“Now that we have entered into this binding contract, witnessed by all of your friends,
I have decided upon the conditions you are obligated to adhere from this point forward.
You may only live in the house for one hour a day. You will not use anything inside of the home.
You will obey me without question or resistance. I expect complete loyalty and admiration for
this gift I bestow upon you. You will accept my commands and wishes with
enthusiasm, no matter the nature. Your morals and principles shall be as mine.
You will vote as I do, think as I do and do it with blind faith. These are my
terms. Here are your keys.” I reached the keys forward and the young man looked
at me dumb founded.

“Are you out of your freaking mind? Who would ever agree to
those ridiculous terms?” the young man appeared irritated. “You did when you
signed this contract before reading it, understanding it and with the full
knowledge that I would provide my conditions only after you committed to the
agreement. Was all I said.” The elderly man chuckled as his wife tried to
restrain him. I was looking at a now silenced and bewildered group of people.
“You can shove that stupid deal up youre a** old man, I want no part of it!”
exclaimed the now infuriated young man. “You have committed to the contract, as
witnessed by all of your friends; you cannot get out of the deal unless I agree
to it. I do not intend to let you free now that I have you ensnared. I am the
power you agreed to. I am the one you blindly followed and without thought chose to
enslave yourself to. In short, I am your Master.” At this, the table of
celebrating individuals became a unified group against the unfairness of the

After a few moments of unrepeatable comments and slurs, I revealed my true intent.
“What I did to you is what this administration and congress did to you with the
health care legislation. I easily suckered you in and then revealed the real cost
of the bargain. Your folly was in the belief that you can have something you did
not earn; that you are entitled to that which you did not earn; that you willingly
allowed someone else to think for you. Your failure to research, study and inform
yourself permitted reason to escape you. You have entered into a trap from
which you cannot flee. Your only chance of freedom is if your new Master gives
it unto you. A freedom that is given can also be taken away; therefore, it is not freedom.”
With that, I tore up the napkin and placed it before the astonished young man. “This is the
nature of your new health care legislation.”

I turned away to leave these few in thought and contemplation and was surprised by applause.
The elderly gentleman, who was clearly entertained, shook my hand enthusiastically and said,
“Thank you Sir, these kids dont understand Liberty these days.” He refused to allow me to pay
my bill as he said, “You earned this one, it is an honor to pickup the tab.” I
shook his hand in thanks, leaving the restaurant somewhat humbled, and sensing
a glimmer of hope for my beloved country.


Perriello wrong on the Constitution

Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello recently revealed a stunning attitude toward the U.S. Constitution. Perriello was asked by a constituent to co-sponsor The Enumerated Powers Act, which simply requires that each bill introduced in Congress include “a concise and definite statement of the constitutional authority” it relies on. It took over seven months for Perriello to respond, which is bad enough. But what’s worse is that he apparently sees no Constitutional limits on congressional power. He wrote, “…the Constitution demands that the Supreme Court, not Congress, determines the constitutionality of law.”

What Perriello doesn’t seem to get is that in January 2009 he took an oath of office swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution. That includes making sure laws are constitutional. But a year later he tells a constituent that Congress doesn’t have to follow the Constitution. He says essentially that Congress can do whatever it wants unless the Supreme Court tells it not to. That should frighten every freedom-loving person.

Perriello doesn’t understand the Constitution limits government power, and that Congress is bound by it. But the people of the Fifth District do. And we will hold Perriello accountable on Election Day for his wrong understanding.

Reasonable Response

Edward W. Clark, Jr