Health care reform the collectivist parasites

It is abundantly clear that the experiment of collectivism doesn’t know how dead it is. Time and again that corpse of collectivism tells us how to live. They tell us how “we” must do so many things for them. It is that time old message of tyranny. “You are not your own. You belong to us.” The problem is that time and again through history,  reality doesn’t bear this out.

Their latest message  surrounds  “climate change” in the form of “Cap and Trade” and then of course “health care reform”. We are told that for the sake of the “General Welfare” we must all give up some of our Liberty. Yet they never admit just how much liberty we must relinquish. Their mantra is “the collective knows best.”  They claim to care what WE the people think. They champion collectivism yet ignore that very national collective that overwhelmingly hates their ideas. It’s for you own good we hear. It’s for the good of your neighbor. Yet, when I must steal from one neighbor to give it to another how is that “good”.

Ayn Rand said it best in her book “The Fountainhead”:

“The man who attempts to live for others is a dependent. He is a parasite in motive and makes parasites of those he serves. The relationship produces nothing but mutual corruption. It is impossible in concept. The nearest approach to it in reality-the man who lives to serve others-is a slave. If physical slavery is repulsive., how much more repulsive is the concept of servility of the spirit? The conquered slave has a vestige of honor. He has the merit of having resisted and of considering his condition evil. But the man who enslaves himself voluntarily in the name of love is the basest of creatures. He degrades the dignity of Man and he degrades the conception of love. But this is the essence of altruism.”

So now the OUR Government says we must bow before them. They are working to enslave us all with a parasitic organism they call “Health Care Reform”. This would do nothing to improve the existing system. It would just replace it with a hegemonic behemoth that would pillage the U.S. economy and by some estimates control 70%  of it.

This zombie horde continues with their attempted carnage in the form of  “Cap and Trade”. Despite being exposed as a fraud, climate gate and it’s insane disciples continue to move forward.  World leaders in their private jets and thousands of limousines converged recently on Copenhagen. As they arrived the north eastern U.S. experienced a record setting snow storm. As they departed a cold front hit Europe. Despite the clear evidence to the contrary of their new collective religion they seem hell bent on enslaving the world with limits on growth based on bogus smoke and mirrors they call “science”.

Collectivism may be a fraud. It may be dead. But a rotting corpse can just as easily bring death to the living.

It is time for the individuals in America to bury the dead. It falls to us. It is time that we point out every walking corpse and expose the stench that collectivism represents to our Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.


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