Fighting Back: VaWatchdog at is the Invisible man

Laurence Verga’s campaign has a blog that acts as his proxy when attempting to paint his opposition in a bad light. It’s called This blog was started In September of 2009, by Bill Hay, Verga’s current campaign manager. blog has always been a place designed to sling mud at the opposition candidates. That has not changed even though Hay claims to have handed over control to someone writing as VaWatchdog. Yeah we know. Really original!

Recently a story was posted about Kurt Feigel, one of the authors on this site. Feigel has a youtube channel with conservative videos that cover a variety of topics. Recently the Politico hit squads went after Mike Troxel for posting what was believed to be Tom Perriello’s address. Feigel was interviewed as well and that caught the attention of the militant left wing “Think Progress”. They created a video of highlights attempting to smear Mr. Feigel as another “right wing extremist”.

This is typical from lefty lunatics. What is not so typical is that it was picked up by the supposed “conservative” VaWatchdog and posted to

He says among other things:

We need to respect our representatives, even though we may not agree with them. We don’t publish their home addresses, and we don’t show up at their homes.

So now VaWatchdog sets the rules for the voices of dissent in America and defines civility? How can we respect those that have betrayed their oath of office and fail to represent the citizens of the fifth district?

This sounds more like a liberal talking points. yet, according to his first post:

Who is VaWatchDog?  I am a conservative American who believes in God, the US Constitution,  strong national defense, limited government, and low taxes. I am not associated with any other blogs except for the one that I made when I made my VaWatchDog account. I’m not even sure if I’ll use it but claiming was a good idea.

Too bad he didn’t think up the idea. His blog was created on February 26, 2010 and is blank.

He has continued in typical loose cannon fashion to sling mud at Verga’s opposition. Like Bill Hay, he is making assumptions that are just plain false. It is one thing to be an anonymous blogger that runs your mouth off. It’s another entirely to pretend you are a news blog but then run national enquirer hit pieces every day. was bad under Bill Hay but at least he was honest about his support, we all knew his site was just shilling for Verga. Where does this new invisible man stand and who is he? After all if he is going to run his mouth off like he does he should have the integrity to do it out in the open.

He claims in a comment from his very first post, “this websites foundation has always been civility and I will aim to keep it that way. Anything else cheapens the discussion.” Well that didn’t take long to go right out the window.

It is evident that his entire purpose of this piece was to smear Michael McPadden. At the end of his piece he writes.

Now, I don’t know how many of you are aware but Kurt supports McPadden 100%.  That’s fine, everyone is starting to make their minds up on who they support.   But for Mr. McPadden’s benefit, I think he needs to distance himself from Kurt. Is Kurt representative of the grassroots of the district and the TEA Parties?

Feigel Responded:


Way to go. It’s always good to see how we on the right eat our young. If you had taken five seconds to visit my youtube channel you’d notice a video titled “grab yer guns” where in satire fashion I talk about the futility and emplore people NOT to take their guns and storm D.C. I made this video LAST YEAR
But just like most of the liberal citizen reporters and without any wisdom and in typical pajamahadine fashion you just run your mouth with this drivel. You found this at ThinkProgress; Way to go, good choice of trusted sources, one of the most liberal blogs around.

I stand by my quotes and by anything I have said. These people are traitors. How do I define that? They took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. Those like Tom Perriello broke that oath. You also don’t understand the law. Protesting on the Street or Sidewalk is not trespassing.

I never endorsed the publishing of his address. Mainly because I think we should have the right one. You can’t find it. Know why? Because I have serious doubts about his residency in the fifth. Up until recently he didn’t even own property here. So the only other option is that he lived with his mommy. Really 35 year old congressman living with his mom? That is more likely the status of VaWatchdog.

What, did you get together with Bill and try and manufacture another McPadden hit piece?

This blog looses respect every day.

At least I work to keep balanced. I even posted that Verga release as requested by Bill Hay even using the pic he provided. Maybe I’ll rethink our policy about Verga posts and only do negative ones from now on just like you do here with candidates you don’t like especially McPadden.

The Left set the standard for Civility. They were fine with protesting at G.W. Bush’s home in TX so can’t say one word about us doing it ourselves.

Also your missing the big story here. Where does Tom Perriello live? Why does he have a phone line at his brothers house?

Do us all a favor. Either start reporting honestly or shut your yap!

There was a little back and forth in the comments but no apology from VaWatchdog for his irresponsible reporting.

Bill Hay was also contacted by Mr. Feigel:

Bill what the hell is going on over at your blog? The left is working at a coordinated effort to discredit the Tea Party movement in Virginia…and your idiot blogger is making it worse. I expect criticism from the left and am used to it. but tell this jerk to use some common sense. You guys look at this as an opportunity to shoot McPadden’s campaign in the foot, when it does more damage to the tea party than to him. There is an easy fix for him. He can just distance himself from me. There is not so much for verga who needs the tea party to win. You are not helping your candidate and you can forget about me posting ANY more of your releases from Verga if you don’t deal with your blogger. Not only that but do you really want to start blogger wars? I don’t. I think we’ve had a fairly cordial discourse here in the fifth.

Hay Responded with:

Sorry Kurt but when he took over I gave him free reign. To be honest I just saw what he wrote I have paid little attention to his blogging or for that matter what anyone else is blogging about.

So it would seem that BlueRidgeGuy aka: Bill Hay and his stooge VaWatchdog will keep doing things business as usual. One more nail in the Verga Campaign.

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