tips to choose a dog clipper

Tips to Choosing A Dog Grooming Clipper

It’s essential to get a dog grooming clipper for your pet. If you want to save your money, you can groom your own dog. It’s a great ideal, especially for those who have two or more dogs. But, this may be a challenge for many owners. In this post, we will give you some points you need to look at when choosing the right grooming clippers for your pet. Let’s check out to get them!

tips to choose a dog clipper

What to Look for

When it comes to choosing the best dog grooming clippers, there are four important things to consider.

  1. Weight, Size, and Sound

Each clipper comes with a specific weight, size, and sound.

The Sound of a Running Clipper

Many owners are not concerned about how loud or soft the clippers are. But, your pet surely will notice. It’s best to look for a quiet clipper. It will make your dog feel comfortable without an annoying sound. You should think about this point, especially when your dog hates to be groomed.

Not too Heavy, Not too Light, Just Right

Another thing to consider is weight. You shouldn’t choose the lightest clipper for your dog. But, don’t choose one that is too heavy. The fact is that some lighter clippers offer the powerful motor. And, heavy clippers may affect to your arms, hands, and wrists. That’s why you should experiment before purchasing to get the suitable one. It’s easy to know the weight of the clippers on the specs or on the packaging.

Size and Shape of the Dog Grooming Clipper

We recommend you to find a product that fits comfortably in your hand. By this way, you can easily do much clipping. For those who have large hands, they need a large clipper. It will make them comfortable when trimming their dogs. On the contrary, for those with a smaller hand, it’s great to look for a smaller size clipper. Don’t forget to consider the specson the packaging when buying. There are some famous brands you can consult such as Andis, Wahl, and Oster.

  1. Cost

Sure, you want to get a professional style clipper. Depending on your dog, you need to groom him every 6 to 8 weeks. Avoid buying a cheap clipper. It may not last long. It’s best to consider buying the high quality clipper though it may cost high.

  1. Maintaining Your Dog Grooming Clipper

Your dog grooming clipper requires a bit of maintenance. You need to clean the blades. Also, they need to be oiled. So, it’s great to look for good brands in the need for maintenance. It’s essential to clean, disinfect, lubricate, as well as sharpen the blades.

  1. Accessories For Your Dog Grooming Clipper

Some clippers have the clippers, some clipper oil, a blade, and a comb or two. But, you shouldn’t care much about their flashy boxes. Instead, you can choose normal professional clippers that come with a small sample of oil and a blade.

Steps to Choose the Right Dog Grooming Clippers

In order to groom a dog properly, you may have to take lots of careful handling. Here are some important steps you need to do when choosing the right clippers:

Ask around

First, think about talking to your veterinarian, your neighbor, or your kennel manager. They will talk about their pets as well as things they usually do with their pets. You should ask them about any problems from the grooming clippers. Also, ask them any complaints about these groomers.

Call the groomer you like to use

It’s necessary to ask them questions. For examples, did they apprentice with a professional groomer? In addition, ask about the time they have been grooming. Whether they have much experience with their breeds? The National Dog Groomers of America Association is a national organization.

Ask for proper certification

Normally, the groomers have to be licensed and certified in flea applications. That’s why you need to ask whether they are properly certified.

Be patient

It’s important for groomers to be usually on an extremely tight schedule. Whenever they have time to talk to you, ask them to call you back to answer all of your questions. Keep in mind that they shouldn’t answer questions while fluff drying a dog. It’s a great idea to develop a rapport with the potential groomer. Of course, he/she will be able to give you an overall impression. Then, it may be a good impression.

Trust your intuition

If you have any questions, it’s best to ask around. By this way, you can get answers to most of your questions. In fact, it’s considered to be a disconcerting experience to use a clipper for the first time. That’s why you need to do some research. To do this, ask around first in order to place your trust in your groomer. Then, you can get a good result.

Best Vegan Dog Food

How to Choose The Best Vegan Dog Food

Nowadays, vegan dog food has become a heavily debated topic. They are good for your dog. But, you may have to pay much money for them. Don’t worry! You can also make them by yourself. It’s not easy to look for the brands to give to your beloved pet. Let’s take a look at this post. We will list top 5 best vegan dog foods on the market today.

Best Vegan Dog Food

Best Vegan Dog Food Brands

 Evolution Food for Dogs

This product is made in the U.S. It comes with non-GMO ingredients such as oats, soy, and potato flakes. Also, this food offers essential nutrients for dogs as taurine and plenty of minerals for your dog’s healthy digestion. This unit is one of the best foods for your dog. But, it’s hard to purchase this formula in your local.

Natural Balance Vegetarian Dog Food

This brand was founded by an animal activist Dick Van Patten. With this food, you needn’t give your dog extra vitamins or nutrients. It is made of oatmeal, brown rice, green peas, and potatoes. In fact, this product can help your dog’s skin, gas, as well as tools. In addition, you can easily look for it on Amazon Prime. That’s why you can save your time as well as money when it comes to this formula.

V-Dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food

This vegan dog food is kinder, greener, and healthier than others above. It offers a dog-friendly 24% protein formula into their kibble. You can receive this product just after two days after Amazon Prime members ship for you. In fact, this food is vegan pooch-approved. In addition, it can give your dog recognizable components such as oats, peas, lentils, brown rice, and millet. Also, it can be able to help deal with irritating skin and digestive issues in dogs.

Halo Vegan Garden Medley Dry & Wet Dog Food

This brand comes in both wet and dry varieties. And, it’s easy to look for them on Amazon Prime. So, you needn’t worry about expensive shipping fees. This is considered as one of the best choices for dogs with multiple food sensitivities. It’s made of nutrient-rich chickpeas as well as peas. Especially, this formula offers no animal or dairy fat. It’s a great choice for your dog’s sensitive digestive systems. But, it’s best to choose the dry unit for dogs with a sensitive digestive system.

Nature’s Recipe Healthy Skin Dry Dog Food

It’s made of healthy soybean meal. So, it’s a high-quality protein product. This is a good option for dogs with dermatological problems such as a dull coat and itchy skin. This dog food comes with no corn, artificial flavors, as well as wheat. In addition, it can be able to boost omega fatty acids for your dog’s healthy skin and fur. Especially, this is a good idea for your budget. It’s at a reasonable price.

What to feed your Vegan Dog

The fact is that your dog can be able to survive when eating vegan dog foods. In addition, it helps your dog thrive. That’s why you can shift your dog to a completely vegan lifestyle. Most importantly, you need to make sure your dog can get the necessary nutrients. You need to feed him the foods that help him to be healthy. It’s essential to consult your vet about choosing one that can transfer your dog to a plant-based diet.

Vegan dog food by Yourself

You need to talk to your vet about your dog’s food. In addition, don’t forget to do your own research. Also, make your plan to make homemade vegan dog food. To do this, it’s important to concentrate on the bulk of the recipe on high-quality proteins and grains. There are some dog-friendly plant proteins such as lentils and pinto beans. Moreover, your vegan dog also needs sweet potatoes and long-grain rice. The thing you need to do is adjust the formula based on your dogs’ weight. When it comes to vegan dog foods, you need to avoid choosing alcohol, chocolate, avocado, citrus, caffeine, coconut, nuts, grapes/raisins,  garlic, onions, xylitol, and chives. Indeed, they can be able to cause diarrhea.

Thriving Vegan Dogs

There are a lot of options when it comes to vegan dog food. So, it’s not hard to look for a 100% healthy diet for your dog. And you needn’t support cruel animal practices thanks to these foods. It’s easy to get a convenient and affordable option for your fur friend. But, you need to remember to discuss with your vet when you plan to transfer your dog off traditional food. By this way, you can prevent your dog from any digestive irritation. It’s a good idea to mix a little more vegan food every day into your dog’s diet. It will help you keep your dog healthy, of course.

Types of Service Dogs and What They Do

There are several types of service dog: guide dogs, hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, diabetic alert dogs, Seizure alert dogs, Seizure response dogs, Psychiatric service dogs, Autism support dogs, FASD service dogs, Allergy detection dogs. After that, this article will introduce some common dog breeds selected as service dogs including Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, German Shepherd and Doberman.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever, also known as Labrador, is a widely bred in the Western countries, especially in the United States. Like the Golden Retriever, Labrador is very intelligent, so it is quite easy to train this type of dog. Labrador is often trained to support the owner to retrieve the prey during the hunting trip. Besides, the Labrador is considered a loyal friend of every family.

This breed is very gentle and approachable. The dogs of this breed like to stay with the people. With their intelligence, the Labrador is often chosen to be a guide dog that supports the blind or autistic patients.

In many nations around the world, Labradors are trained for sniffing and hunting for lost objects. As a result, they always accomplish all the assigned tasks in an excellent way.

But you should be aware that the living environment affects these dogs a lot. They often desire to have a wide space to run here and there. You also can keep them in your apartment provided that you meet their daily needs of exercising. If Labradors are trapped for a long time, they will become lazy and suffer from a high risk of obesity. It may have a bad effect on their lifespan and ability to exercise in the future.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is also known as a great servant for bird and duck hunters. They are incredibly excellent at scenting. Therefore, they often take part in hunting or tracing trips. Besides, they are chosen to support military units and police to detect drugs, seek for clues, play a match and perform.

One of their outstanding strengths is that they always desire to please the owner, has the ability to learn quickly. The love for mankind make them become dedicated servants for the blind and other handicapped people. This breed is fairly brilliant, obedient, behaves properly and love the owner. These dogs are capable of expressing emotions and controlling their behaviour. In the family, they are considered good friends of children. It can be said that loyalty, trustworthiness and the love for the owner are good qualities of Golden Retrievers. They are excited about outdoor activities and friendly to everyone, even to other dog breeds. For this reason, they are not really good at self-defencing. However, the Golden Retriever is still a good choice for guarding houses. They are almost not annoyed by the noise and the kids. Like other species, they desire for the human care. In addition, they like living with other animals and probably become trusted friends of these animals.

German Shepherd dog

The German Shepherd was originally from Germany in the 1890s. This breed was used for herding cattle and lambs by a German captain named Max von Stephanitz.

The purebred dogs require the balance between personality and nervous system. The calmness, confidence, assertiveness and obedience are must-have qualities of the dogs of this breed.

Regarding the characteristics, they are quite easy-going and good at staying focused; therefore, it is not difficult for human to train them. They are also required to be wiry, courageous, persistent, patient and in high spirit so that they can fit in different purposes such as befriending, guarding, herding cattle and hunting. The purebred dogs own almost all the strengths originating from the world of wild nature.

Doberman dog

This adventurous and loyal partner can be regarded as a talented and obedient student who is ready for new challenges. Doberman dogs are usually sensitive and obedient to the owner’s orders. But sometimes they become stubborn and overbearing. This breed is rather shy with strangers but aggressive towards strange dogs. As usual, a Doberman has the high alert and is excellent at guarding. However, these qualities are only discovered by the people who regard him as a friend.

If you want the Doberman to maintain good health, you must give them the mental and physical training every day. You can allow them to take a walk and wear a loose chain and let it go and run freely in a closed area. Besides, you can together with your Doberman go long-distance jogging. These dogs can live outdoors in a cool climate. However, they will feel much more comfortable if you give them a chance to live in the house together with your family. The Doberman looks like a bodyguard or a companion. About the Doberman’s coat, it does not take you a lot of time and efforts taking care of it.

It takes a lot of time for a common dog to become a service dog. In reality, service dogs are pretty useful in supporting the human, especially the disabled, in the daily life. According to the Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever has been voted the most favorite dog breed during 26 years.

What to Expect From a Rescue Dog

For an adult dog, the important time is the first few weeks in a new home. Indeed, this is considered as a critical transition period. So, it’s important to manage your dog’s behavior properly during this stage. Read this post, we will help you know what to expect from a rescue dog.

Prepare your house before the dog arrives

There are some useful items to have ahead of time such as food and water bowl, bed, treats, dog food, leash and collar, a variety of toys, two rooms at a time for exploration, and introduce the dog slowly to your house. Many pet owners want to take their pets to the pet store immediately. But, you need to let him get used to you as well as your house before you take him to a new environment. Then, your dog can do much better in a new house.

Rules to teach


It’s best to take your dog out on a long leash to the area designated as the bathroom. Your dog needs to get used to the area. You should keep him near you in the house. This allows you to reprimand as well as to take him out right away. The fact is that it’s not a great idea to punish a dog. This may confuse the animal.

Chewing and mouthing

You just should allow him to do this only on dog toys. It’s best to take your dog to each area of your house on a long leash when introducing him there. In addition, we recommend you to carry out some toys and chewing items. And, they should be made available on your floors.

Stealing food

You shouldn’t feed your dog table scraps. Indeed, this can lead to food-stealing.

Running and wrestling

You shouldn’t allow wrestling, running, and other rough play in the house. Instead, it’s best to make toys as well as chews available.

Some Management Rules you should learn

You need some management rules as praise, correct, and re-direct. In addition, it’s also important to improve your communication skills by working. You have to focus and be consistent so that your dog isn’t confused and doesn’t behave reliably. Don’t forget to enforce these rules. Moreover, you have to remember to praise often.

The fact is that your dog finds authority in his life. You can push him by using growling, lunging, and snapping. You need a positive relationship. Avoid basing on abuse or punishment.

Your dog needs to be kept when no one is home otherwise he will get into trouble. Moreover, he can also practice bad habits. Restrict your dog’s access when going out until he feels comfortable when living in your home.

Don’t tie a metal training because it can kill your pet. Instead, you just should use it only when learning to use it properly. Also, you may suffer from more problems when using a training collar than cure him. You should keep him in regular leather as well as i.d. tags on the dog.

Start training immediately

You should train your dog when he walks into your home. More importantly, you should reward any good behaviors. Then, it’s time to establish the alpha relationship. By doing this with love, you can help him understand that you’re in charge. In fact, your dog wants to be led by someone. It’s essential to take your extra time with him during the first few weeks. Scheduling some additional time with your dog can help to aid in the bonding. In addition, this time can be useful for your training as well as housebreaking programs.

Your new dog also wants more frequent bathroom breaks before his routine is established. The ideal time to do this is before your lunch breaks. Also, you need to give your dog much exercise. You can give him a long daily walk or several walks a day. If you plan to take your dog to the beach, off-leash events, or the park, don’t forget to work on off-leash recall.

If you want to take your dog to the park too early, your dog can get some problems such as running off, being overwhelmed by the chaos at a dog park and getting stress because of wide open spaces.

The first important thing to do is introducing your dog to new pets as well as animals slowly. This is essential until you know all the clues he gives you. Learn about his behavior in order to make sure he will respond to your commands.

You should spend a few less than perfect days experiencing with your new pet. But, the best method may be maintaining a sense of humor.

When adopting a dog from The Barking Lot, you can get a smooth transition with your new family member. As a pet owner, it’s not easy to anticipate and address every behavior.

With your new dog, you will feel very happy. That’s why you should get well-directed efforts. Make sure he can adjust to life in your new home.

Perriello’s Obamacare Vote Ignores The People

First it was the “stimulus bill” that was filled with pork and never delivered as promised. Then it was “cap-and-trade” that will kill jobs and increase energy costs.  Now it is Obamacare that will increase taxes and do nothing to contain costs. On all three major pieces of legislation, Congressman Tom Perriello has arrogantly gone against the will of the people he claims to represent.
In voting for Obamacare, Perriello gave his blessing to backroom deals and blatant vote buying.  He voted for special treatment for Tennessee, Louisiana, Connecticut, and Montana.  He voted for a labyrinth of new taxes and regulations. And he voted for Medicare cuts to the tune of half a trillion dollars to fund new entitlements.

Most importantly, Perriello voted for a bill that usurps our right to choose our own personal health care options, mandates we buy government-approved services, and drowns our children and grandchildren with a tidal wave of national debt.
Poll after poll demonstrated that the people strongly opposed Obamacare. We expressed our objections and anger about it over and over again.  And Perriello repeatedly rebuffed and ignored us. But this November he can’t ignore us when we tell him he’s fired!


As for the special deals for states, Perriello’s own press release on the vote links to  It talks about the Cornhusker Kickback being taken out but all these others put in!

Edward W. Clark, Jr.

Reasonable Response

Fighting Back: VaWatchdog at is the Invisible man

Laurence Verga’s campaign has a blog that acts as his proxy when attempting to paint his opposition in a bad light. It’s called This blog was started In September of 2009, by Bill Hay, Verga’s current campaign manager. blog has always been a place designed to sling mud at the opposition candidates. That has not changed even though Hay claims to have handed over control to someone writing as VaWatchdog. Yeah we know. Really original!

Recently a story was posted about Kurt Feigel, one of the authors on this site. Feigel has a youtube channel with conservative videos that cover a variety of topics. Recently the Politico hit squads went after Mike Troxel for posting what was believed to be Tom Perriello’s address. Feigel was interviewed as well and that caught the attention of the militant left wing “Think Progress”. They created a video of highlights attempting to smear Mr. Feigel as another “right wing extremist”.

This is typical from lefty lunatics. What is not so typical is that it was picked up by the supposed “conservative” VaWatchdog and posted to

He says among other things:

We need to respect our representatives, even though we may not agree with them. We don’t publish their home addresses, and we don’t show up at their homes.

So now VaWatchdog sets the rules for the voices of dissent in America and defines civility? How can we respect those that have betrayed their oath of office and fail to represent the citizens of the fifth district?

This sounds more like a liberal talking points. yet, according to his first post:

Who is VaWatchDog?  I am a conservative American who believes in God, the US Constitution,  strong national defense, limited government, and low taxes. I am not associated with any other blogs except for the one that I made when I made my VaWatchDog account. I’m not even sure if I’ll use it but claiming was a good idea.

Too bad he didn’t think up the idea. His blog was created on February 26, 2010 and is blank.

He has continued in typical loose cannon fashion to sling mud at Verga’s opposition. Like Bill Hay, he is making assumptions that are just plain false. It is one thing to be an anonymous blogger that runs your mouth off. It’s another entirely to pretend you are a news blog but then run national enquirer hit pieces every day. was bad under Bill Hay but at least he was honest about his support, we all knew his site was just shilling for Verga. Where does this new invisible man stand and who is he? After all if he is going to run his mouth off like he does he should have the integrity to do it out in the open.

He claims in a comment from his very first post, “this websites foundation has always been civility and I will aim to keep it that way. Anything else cheapens the discussion.” Well that didn’t take long to go right out the window.

It is evident that his entire purpose of this piece was to smear Michael McPadden. At the end of his piece he writes.

Now, I don’t know how many of you are aware but Kurt supports McPadden 100%.  That’s fine, everyone is starting to make their minds up on who they support.   But for Mr. McPadden’s benefit, I think he needs to distance himself from Kurt. Is Kurt representative of the grassroots of the district and the TEA Parties?

Feigel Responded:


Way to go. It’s always good to see how we on the right eat our young. If you had taken five seconds to visit my youtube channel you’d notice a video titled “grab yer guns” where in satire fashion I talk about the futility and emplore people NOT to take their guns and storm D.C. I made this video LAST YEAR
But just like most of the liberal citizen reporters and without any wisdom and in typical pajamahadine fashion you just run your mouth with this drivel. You found this at ThinkProgress; Way to go, good choice of trusted sources, one of the most liberal blogs around.

I stand by my quotes and by anything I have said. These people are traitors. How do I define that? They took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. Those like Tom Perriello broke that oath. You also don’t understand the law. Protesting on the Street or Sidewalk is not trespassing.

I never endorsed the publishing of his address. Mainly because I think we should have the right one. You can’t find it. Know why? Because I have serious doubts about his residency in the fifth. Up until recently he didn’t even own property here. So the only other option is that he lived with his mommy. Really 35 year old congressman living with his mom? That is more likely the status of VaWatchdog.

What, did you get together with Bill and try and manufacture another McPadden hit piece?

This blog looses respect every day.

At least I work to keep balanced. I even posted that Verga release as requested by Bill Hay even using the pic he provided. Maybe I’ll rethink our policy about Verga posts and only do negative ones from now on just like you do here with candidates you don’t like especially McPadden.

The Left set the standard for Civility. They were fine with protesting at G.W. Bush’s home in TX so can’t say one word about us doing it ourselves.

Also your missing the big story here. Where does Tom Perriello live? Why does he have a phone line at his brothers house?

Do us all a favor. Either start reporting honestly or shut your yap!

There was a little back and forth in the comments but no apology from VaWatchdog for his irresponsible reporting.

Bill Hay was also contacted by Mr. Feigel:

Bill what the hell is going on over at your blog? The left is working at a coordinated effort to discredit the Tea Party movement in Virginia…and your idiot blogger is making it worse. I expect criticism from the left and am used to it. but tell this jerk to use some common sense. You guys look at this as an opportunity to shoot McPadden’s campaign in the foot, when it does more damage to the tea party than to him. There is an easy fix for him. He can just distance himself from me. There is not so much for verga who needs the tea party to win. You are not helping your candidate and you can forget about me posting ANY more of your releases from Verga if you don’t deal with your blogger. Not only that but do you really want to start blogger wars? I don’t. I think we’ve had a fairly cordial discourse here in the fifth.

Hay Responded with:

Sorry Kurt but when he took over I gave him free reign. To be honest I just saw what he wrote I have paid little attention to his blogging or for that matter what anyone else is blogging about.

So it would seem that BlueRidgeGuy aka: Bill Hay and his stooge VaWatchdog will keep doing things business as usual. One more nail in the Verga Campaign.